Trying Ala Carte Meal @ Saffron Restaurant

by - January 17, 2014

As promised, we'll gonna stay in the resort and enjoy everything! Hmmm. Never mind our background though! HAHA! :p 
Bonding, Chilling, Enjoying the view, and Eating! Yeah! We both decided to try their Ala Carte Meal this time since before, we went at Loboc River Cruise for our lunch. That's why we are really excited! :)

Saffron Restaurant has a wide variety of dishes!
 As usual, we had a hard time choosing what to order. 

After a long time, we settled for the following:
 Sugba (325 pesos)- Soyed Marinated Charred Belly of pork, served with pickled papaya and sugba sauce. Guess who ordered this one? HA! Ofcourse it's boyfie! nyaha! The meat was perfectly cooked and indeed flavorful! The juiciness of the meat everytime you cut it, is winner! 
 Kare Kare - (475 pesosCrisp oxtail patty served with homemade peanut sauce native vegetable and homemade bagoong. Okay, I read the description on their menu, but I didn't expect that it will be served this way since I expected something that I saw in Instagram. haha. I was blown awaaaay! ---and kinda lost! (since I don't know what's really on my plate) :))
BEHOLD!!! Look at that! The most creative Kare Kare presentation I've seen in my entire life! :o If I knew it's like that inside, I should've cut it perfectly! haha. I loved this dish so much! The soft oxtail was seasoned nicely, and the patty gives the Kare Kare an extra crunch! The peanut butter sauce has the right consistency, not too thick, or watery. Plus the generous amount of soft beef tripe and fresh veggies! :)

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