TRY EAT: Kowloon House's Siopao!

by - January 17, 2014

First time trying out Kowloon House's Siopao! Since I was looking for a good tasting siopao. (Bola Bola Lover here! ) And because I was really disaapointed with Goldilock's Siopao coz they used to have pretty nice siopao before. What happened now? :(
Going back, Kowloon House's siopao is like a Puto siopao. So it's like a "puto pao?" For only 60 pesos, it was sulit! And pretty huge! The sweet bread like puto is enjoyable to eat even on it's own. Now with the filling, it's GIANT! I LOVED it! Really huge, filling and siksik! Not the flour stuff! You can really taste the meaty taste plus the chunks of chinese sausage plus huge salted egg in the middle! SO MUCH WIN! 

Can you share me where's the best Bola Bola Siopao you've tried? I wanna check that out! :)

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