Sweet Tooth Break @ Hermanos Taco Shop!

by - January 30, 2014

Okay, sweet tooth needed a break even for a while! haha! So my friend decided to drop by at Hermanos Taco Shop. 
I've heard that different celebrities were really visiting this place. 
 The place is hard to locate if you're looking from the highway. 
The only landmark is the gas statio beside it. If I'm not mistaken, that is Petron Gas Station 
(photo from: Hermanos Facebook Page)
 The place is simple, a bit small, but well ventilated.

Check their no frills and straight to the point menu:

 We ordered the following:
 Beef Quesadillas (250 pesos) - It was a huge cut quesadillas generously filled with oozing cheese and shredded beef! 
I loved the veggies that they put on top since I really love veggies! :)
 Rolled Tacos (195 pesos) - This was my friends order. If you're a fan of crispy thingies or chips, go for this one! 
It's a crispy taco that has filling inside drizzled with their special cheese and creamy sauce!
I forgot this dish since it was not mine. hehe. But as far as I remember, this is a Soft Taco! I liked it! The beef was seasoned just right. The spices didn't overpower the entire dish. The sauce however was too strong, but if you're a fan of those, I'm definitely sure you'll liked it! :)

Check their page @

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