Saturday Grill Set @ Saffron Restaurant, Amorita Resort

by - January 21, 2014

You know how me and boyfie are fond of buffet! Like on our last visit, we had a great time with Amorita's dinner buffet (See here). To our surprise, the Saturday Grill Buffet is not available. WHAAAAT? :'(

That's why they offered us their Saturday Grill Set instead. Oh well. :\
It was soooo clam and quiet that night. 
They first served us a hot basket of breads with pate and butter. 
Cream of Corn Soup - It was milky and creamy at the same time. Served in a huge bowl that we didn't even finished since there's more to come. Not really a fan of corn soup though. hehe
There are two types of set meal as indicated on the menu, that's why we decided to order each, for us to taste everything.
Set A- Home made beef croquet with Ementhal, Chefs Salad with Grilled Chicken and Shrimps, Fish Taco with Sour and Cream with Chili Sauce, Beef Bulgogi, Kebab, Pork BBQ - This boyfie's order. I loved everything on my place! Especially the skewers and the salad sauce! It was really flavorful!
Set B - Chorizo Croquette with Bravas, Fish Taco with Sour and Cream with Chili Sauce, Beef Bulgogi, Prawns and Seafood Kebab, Pork BBQ, Chefs Salad with Grilled Chicken and Shrimps. The only thing we noticed (even on boyfie's plate) is that I haven't see any grilled chicken on my salad. hehe. The croquette was okay, maybe I'm not a fan of those that's why. 
Coconut Macaroon and Dark Chocolate Cake - The only food that didn't impressed us. Both pastry were dry. I was expecting it to be moist, we didn't bother eating the dessert.
But nevertheless, I was really happy! I was surprised with the serving. We both thought that we will not feel stuffed because it's not a buffet. But we were wrong, we went back to our villa not only stuffed, but completely satisfied! And PS! There's a crew there named Yang who remembered us from our last visit! Simple things matters. :">

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