Mr. Park's Bread & Cake!

by - January 24, 2014

Together with my friends, we had our Sweet Tooth Foodies eat up, 
where we listed down different food stops that offers wide variety of sweets. yay! 

 Our first stop is Subspace Cafe, but since it's close on Sunday, our eyes landed to Mr. Park's Bread @ Cake.
 The place is pretty huge and neat. Hues of pastel and cream plus the huge variety of breads on display.
 They don't just offer sweet breads, but savory breads alike. 
 Take Home goodies
 We also noticed that there's a free taste containers located beside their breads. 
 I adore how Korean Cakes were creatively made
 We arrived early that why they're still putting out some freshly baked cakes.
Caffe Latte (110 pesos) -  Since I haven't taken my coffee yet, I decided to order their Latte. I didn't even know that they do Latte Art! So plus 1 star! Hahah! The kitty was really cute! The coffee was not too hot that's why I appreciate it even more.
 Pizza - It's good, but I don't appreciate it that much, since I had this as to go. I'll try this one again straight from their oven :) 
 But guess what's my favorite?
Cream Puff (10 pesos each) - Comes with Chocolate, Strawberry, Green Tea, and Vanilla flavor. Infairness, this is the reason why this rating is high. I loved the light and not overly sweet fillings inside. Definitely going back to hoard this babies! :)

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  1. Mr. Park's creampuffs are amazing! A bit messy to eat if you bite them though, but I'm not complaining. By the way, is that plastic cup a frappe from Mr. Park's? How was it? Also, I did a short review of Mr. Park's goodies if anyone's interested:

    1. Hello femmenagerie!

      I super agree! The cream puffs was pretty amazing! The plastic cup on the background is the milk tea that my friend ordered. Will sure visit your review for Mr Parks! :)

  2. Hi Theresa! What was the milk tea like? Did the tea part taste a bit strong? I'm not much into tea, but I like milk teas as long as they don't taste much like tea. hahah! Oh and I love tapioca pearls!


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