Movie Review: Captain Phillips

by - January 17, 2014

"Life is a box of Chocolates" -- That's the only thing I remember with Tom Hanks since boyfie forced me (as usual) to watch Forrest Gump way back. Little thing did I know is that, Tom Hanks is the main character in the Epic Movie Captain Phillips. The moment we saw the trailer in the cinema, I knew that we MUST watch it. But because of our busy schedule, we wasn't able to watch it there. But good thing somebody gave me copy! 

The true to life story directed by Paul Greengrass is about a Captain named Captain Phillips who leads the entire cargo ship that was hijacked by the Somali Pirates. I was amazed with the flow of the entire story! The twist and turn plus the collision between the Captain, Crew, and the Somalians was impressive! Hats off especially the pirates who portrayed the character namely Barkhad Abdi (Muse), Barkhad Abdirahman (Bilal), Faysal Ahmed (Najee) and Mahat Ali (Elmi) they were excellent and convincing. I'm telling you, YOU.MUST.WATCH.THIS :)

Check their trailer @

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