Icebergs: Not-Your-Ordinary Ice Cream Shop

by - January 31, 2014

All we thought that Icebergs only offers Ice Cream and other cold desserts. 
That's why we don't put too much attention to it. Until we saw their menu while strolling in the mall.
 Who wouldn't laid eyes on this place? Such a colorful and happy place! hehe!
 The place was spacious enough to accompany their customers. Good lighting and ventilation. 
They have wide variety of dishes to choose from, and in the end we settled for the following:
Grilled Chicken Pesto - Maybe I can say that this is "one of the" nicest pesto I've tasted. I was pretty decent enough to satisfy my pesto cravings. Has that nutty texture plus the right balance of basil and cheese. The grilled chicken was also cooked perfectly. I loved it even more when I put dashes of salt to this one, personal preference but it makes my pesto a lot yummier! :P Plus the fact that it's not oily, so thumbs up for this one! :)
Lechon Kawali - Before we sit down, boyfie make sure that the LK was served with a "sarsa". He's very particular with that. He doesn't want his Lechon Kawali to be paired with soysauce/vinegar mixture. I mean, who likes that anyway? :P Moving on, it was good! If you'll look at the photo, yes you might think that it's too dry. (We also felt the same thing). But it proved us wrong! It's really good and tender! We're also surprised! Boyfie ordered another cup of rice! haha!

Forgive me coz I forgot the name of this dessert. But basically it's like a halo halo. But this one has fine shaved ice, caramelized banana, mango and macapuno balls, finally topped with Ice Cream! It's really refreshing! The sweetness is just right, and can be shared by 2. :)

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