Harina Artisan Bakery Cafe!

by - January 24, 2014

Also not part of the Sweet Tooth Eat Up itinerary, but we decided to try the place when we passed by. 

 From outside, you'll thought that it's a residential house. 
 The place was spacious that has a homey-chick design combined into one.
 Bread display was located on the wall, middle, and even cakes on the chiller.
 Bread sticks galore!
 Chocolate Muffins
 And another muffins...
 Cookies and Crinkles!
 Danish Breads, Croissants..
 Pretty cupcakes! 
 And cakessss!

Upon checking their menu, I found out that there's a lot to choose from!

 I remembered boyfie this time, I'm sure he'll love this place!
 I'll be back for their Pesto! PROMISE!

But guess what? Ofcourse, I ordered their Cake! :P
Dark Chocolate Smores Cake. Infairness, I loyyk it! The base was a rich and chewy with tons of nuts. I like it since the texture of the nuts was soft. The smores icing was perfectly sweet for me, taste wise, it reminds me of Coffee Bean's whipped cream. Plus a final touch of grated/bits of Toblerone Chocolate. (Yes, I'm sure it's toblerone) 
 On the other hand, their crinkles was chocolatey good, but I prefer my crinkles to be chunky :)
While the one of the most photogenic food ever---Eggs Benedict, was good! The bread was soft yet crispy, perfectly poached egg, Canadian ham, with the right amount of hollandaise sauce with sidings of romaine lettuce drenched with vinaigrette. 
On the side note, I love their CR, with cute decals! haha! Will surely visit this place again! :)

Check their page @

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