Disappointing Cake @ Purple Oven-- WHATTT?? :(

by - January 21, 2014

Did you miss my Purple Oven post? HA! :p So here's a new one! Well, kinda not sure on this one! :O 

 Last November when I celebrated my birthday, I promised myself that I will try Purple Oven's Turtle Pie (800+So far, the greatest Turtle Pie I've tried is Contis. (which I believed I haven't blogged yet). So knowing Purple Oven, IT MUST BE SUPERB! That's what I have on my mind. 
Well, Purple Oven disappointed me for the first time :( And it's my birthday! WHAAAT. The crust was too dry, the first layer is a creamy whipped cream that never fails, next is the mousse that is perfectly sweet, and the last part is their toffee/butterscotch layer. It's not what I expected it to be. Not the "sandy" texture like Conti's that I really looooooove! :( I can bear with that one, but the saddest part is their Walnuts of top. My Dad said that it's stale already. But I told him it's not, you know how I love Purple Oven, that why. But when I've tasted the nuts, yes, the nuts were stale already. Sad ending for my birthday, I should have stick with their Rustic Chocolate Torte

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