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by - January 07, 2014

Hello my dearest readerssss!! I'm back!!! No, I didn't forsake my blog, it's just that I'm really busy with holidays and stuffs plus work! Arghh. Yes, including the best holidays in Philippines, we have work. :( Anyway! But I'm glad I still enjoyed the season since I work at home. *lucky at least*
So to come up with you guys, I have very special something for you! Especially sweet tooth foodie! To be exact, those in Cebu ( it's part of our back log when we visited Cebu)! Since I've heard that this is the Sonja's Cupcake of Cebu?! 
The place was hidden. It's not on a highway, that's why knowing their address is important. 
The shop was really small. As in super cute sa liit.
 Average. Hehe. Nothing to highlight about. But the lady was polite upon my request of turning ON their light 
so I can have a better picture
 They don't have that much of variety compare to other cupcakes here in the metro, but it does look good!
 They have elegant packaging as well. 
 After the hard time choosing the flavor, finally! :)
 Mud Pie
 Red Velvet
 Cookies and Cream
 Peanut Butter Crunch
 Strawberries and Cream
It was cheap! A cupcake cost 58 pesos each. Considering the taste and the appearance of their cupcake, it's not a "puchu puchu" one. It tastes good as well! They don't have a smooth whipped cream-like icing like Sonja's but it was good. The cupcake cake was moist and cakey. And their icing was not that sweet that's why boyfie enjoyed it too!

Overall, I will give it a 4 star, but considering that I had a 100 peso discount because I had a box of 6, it's sulit! 
Imagine, 248 pesos for 6 gorgeous cuppies? I wished they have branch in Manila! :)

Check their page @

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  1. are they open for delivery? they haven't answered my question yet. I'm hoping you know :)

    1. Hey Gel, I'm quite not sure with that. But I think they are available for walk ins only :)


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