Croughnuts by Dolcelatte!

by - January 29, 2014

Cronuts craze might be over, but not for me! Or well atleast, before it finally fade away! *I wish it will not though*

The place was gorgeous! Actually, the food itself deserves a 4, but because of the place, I'll give it additional 1 star for that! 

It was really spacious and classy! It has a restaurant vibe! I look forward on visiting again their store. 
The place itself was fab on it's own. (That photo only just a "part" of the place)
CAKES! CAKES! CAKES! But I'll try that on my next visit, I'm here for the....
Compare before (during cronuts craze, that you have to reserve for a cronut a day before), Now, the raves subsided already. Tons of cronuts on display! And lots of flavors to choose from.

We ordered the following: 

Valrhona Chocolate - It was the best seller as they said, yup, I agree! I loved it! Perfectly flaky, but not oily like my concern in Wildflours version, the chocolate filling inside was generous. 
Blueberry - I find the blueberry too sour for my liking. But, it might just be me ;)
Peanut Butter - Has chunks of Butter finger on top, can't remember the filling or something extraordinary.
Chocolate Caramel - something like that, I'm not sure with the name. Hahaha! It was just okay for me, and I noticed that the filling was a bit tinipid on this one.
One of us ordered a Red Velvet Cheesecake as well. Though I wasn't able to try that. hehe!
Will surely comeback! :)

Check their page @

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