Cibo definitely knows how to tickle my tastebuds! :)

by - January 10, 2014

I've tried different pesto this week since I'm craving for one, but I ended being disappointed. So this time, we had a quick bite before going to office.  Though it's not the typical Cibo store, since it was located in the middle of stores in Shang, it's still clean and well organized.
It was excellent! They served our food fast and delish. The servers were attentive and really friendly. They even asked us if the food we ordered were okay. Pang resto lang ang peg!

We ordered the following:
Tegamino Mozarella - As much as I want to order the Spinach dip since I've heard that it's really good, I can't since boyfie doesn't eat veggies that much. So we settled for this one. And it did not disappoint! Grilled Mozarella and White Cheese with Tomato and Anchovies! Winner! I can eat this everyday! But since it's mozarella, we have to consume it fast before it hardened. 
Farfalle Alla Genovese - Though I had to ask for extra salt (personal preference since I really want my food to have extra kick of salt) and another round of Parmesan cheese, it was gooooood! The pesto was creamy and has striking pesto taste. With flavorful chunks of mushrooms as well! Finally, my pesto cravings has been satisfied!  
Linguine Alla Giotta - I just had a small bite of this one since I'm enjoying my pesto so much, but boyfie said he enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the pesto. 

Verdict? In the end, boyfie told me that he definitely know where to buy pesto when I'm craving for one! yay! See the first time I fell inlove at Cibo here

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