Chocolatey Goodness of Gelatissimo! :)

by - January 17, 2014

Am I weird if I say this is my first time trying out Gelatissimo? Considering that I'm a sweet tooth? 
I'm surprised with myself as well. haha! 
Excuse the Kuya fixing their signage. We're running late that's why I didn't managed to wait for him to clear the area. :P
The place is like the usual Gelatissimo store that has a princess-like couches.
 I was overwhelmed with the number of gelatos on the display. The only thing I noticed is their flavors. 
Almost 80% of their flavors were chocolate. (Chocolate with truffle, Chocolate with Almond, Chocolate with Macaron etc) 
I like chocolates BUT, why full of chocolates? Eh halos pare parehas lang sila?. HAHA.

In the end we ordered 2 Picollo (smallest size for 120 pesos each)
Ferrero flavor (I forgot the exact name) It was good! I enjoyed this a lot actually, but i guess it would be better if there's chunks or nuts to put more texture with the gelato.
Boyfie on the other hand wanted to order Pistachio. But there's no Pistachio available (only Chocolate-Pistachio) --I told you, everything was with chocolate. It was OK. The chocolate flavor overwhelmed the pistachio taste. Actually, we can't barely taste the pistachio.

Will surely try other flavors. Hopefully more variety. (Not variety of chocolates) :P

Check out their site @

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