Casa Verde, Finally!

by - January 09, 2014

Remember the first time we went to Cebu? And included in our itinerary is dining in Casa Verde, but sadly we are on waiting list. Take note, 21st on the list. Whoaaa?! So in short, we wasn't able to try Casa Verde that time.
But not on our second visit! We make sure that we MUST eat there, and we choose lunch time, and good thing, lesser diners this time. It was packed, but we easily had our table. During this time, Casa Verde in UP Town Center in Katipunan is already open, but we prefer to dine on the original branch to see the difference.
I don't have much photos of the place because of the crowd, only this one. The place is huge, and offers Al Fresco dining. Casa Verde offers huge ribs and steaks with humongous serving with affordable price. No wonder why people loves this place! 
Some atrsy fancy collection on their wall,
And interesting stuffs on display! haha! 
I want to try their Appetizer Sampler, but it's not available that's why we had their Buffalo Wings (115 pesos). Well, to be honest, this is the most awesome wingies I've tried (so far). No kidding! Even if you ask boyfie! HA! The juiciness of the chicken wings has the right amount of spiciness and tanginess that I'm looking for, smothered on their crispy breaded wings. Winner! :)
Brian's Ribs (185 pesos) The most famous dish of all. Why? This dish is good for two people, or can be shared with 3 regular eaters. How is it? Well, it's just OKAY for me. I don't know if I just had a bad batch, but it seems so plain and tasteless to me. You can see that the glazed on the meat was watery. :/
I want to order their steak, but it's not available as well. Instead, I had their Chicken Mushroom Cheese (212 pesos). I'm not sure why it is called like that since there's no mushroom on my plate. But nevertheless, I liked it! Something healthier, for a change! haha! The chicken was cooked and seasoned perfectly, and the veggies, it's the freshest! :)
It comes with a salad sidings that was served separately. In short, it's like a Fajita after all. haha!
I'm willing to give it another try (UPTC branch), and hopefully it will be beyond my expectation! :) And by the way, the price here is Manila is pricier than in Cebu. (E.g: Their Brian's Ribs in Cebu costs = 185 pesos, while in UP Town Center it costs 250+) *excuse our faces* haha!

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