Cakes and Pastries in Parvati!

by - January 29, 2014

I've been meaning trying out this place for so long, And it's part of our sweet tooth eatup with friends, 
But yeah, not everyday is a happy day! -_-
 The place was a bit small. What you see in the picture is the actual visual size of the store. Atleast it's clean! :)
 Cakes on the entrance. I've heard that Parvati's Cake came from different shops and they sell it on their behalf :)

We checked their menu and a bit disappointed since almost half of their menu is unavaialble already. Why? Because the suppliers don't deliver to them anymore. I wished they change their menu instead, so customers will not be disappointed. So we settled for the following:
 Frozen Brazo de Mercedes (300+)- I've heard this is one of their bestseller. It was huge! Above photo is just half of it. How is it? SUPER DUPER SOUR! >.< 
 The base was too dry, there's nothing that binds the crust together, the above layer of the crust was mango ice cream, followed by the sour mango. :/
 Their Salad was lovely though :)
 Dark Chocolate Crepe - Layers of thin crepes with vanilla icing in between. 
It was OK, actually, it's good. But I suggest that it should be eaten slowly so it's not nakakaumay :)

Check their page @

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