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by - December 13, 2013

If you love Street Foods to death, and your major concern is the safety and cleanliness of the food, this place is for you! (Sorry for the photo, I don't have my camera with me :( )
I'm so happy when I found out this place to a fellow blogger and without batting an eyelash, 
I asked boyfie to join me there (since he's a sucker of isaw too!)
The place reminds me of Korean Restaurant where you can cook your own food that has an exhause fan. 
The place is kinda huge.
 They also have al fresco dining if you want to. What so cool with the place is their automatic rotating BBQ grill
that lets you cook your own skewers in front of you.

Choose from different skewers:

(The skewers were properly labelled and Don't worry, it's not exposed since the skewers were placed
in a glass chiller to maintain the quality and freshness of the goodies.)
Kikiam, Chicken Satay, Mixed Vegetable, Pork Isaw, Chicken Isaw, Betamax, Tenga, 
Chicken Gizzard, Chicken Liver, Hotdogs, Cream Dory, 
Chicken Wings, Corn, Barbecues, Sweet or Spicy Pork, 
Caramelized Banana/ Camote, Banana and Marshmallow! Name it! 

It was sad since I saw in the blogs that it's a skewers buffet, but only to found out that it's just a opening promo. Anyway, nothing can stop us! We ordered the largest set which is good for 4. Hahahah! It comes with 24 skewers of your choice, 4 Rice (boyfie had 3 rice, promise!), 4 soup, and Charcoal.
Their service is excellent! The owner whose half chinese half filipino national were hands on during our entire stay. He's really kind and make our stay a convenient one. He even gave us Chicken Satay for free taste! Thank youuu! :)
He checks our charcoal time to time :)
Don't forget to ask for a sauce to use as a base coat in your skewers. 
It's an interactive way for you and your friends to eat street foods. See? I'm really happy! :D
I loved how they well marinated the skewers, it was really flavorful and tender. (or maybe we just cooked it perfectly?) hehe! But seriously, it was good! 
You can cook your skewers 3-5 minutes, but make sure you don't let your marshmallow
 left unattended since a split second can burn it! :)
- Make sure it's your last stop during the day, since we cannot avoid to smell like skewers and smoke afterwards. 
Or better yet, bring extra clothes with you. 
TADAHHH! hahaha! :P
See? I told you we love streetfoods! haha! For those who are lazy to grill, 
they also offer cooked foods. Beer and ofcourse Wifi is available! :)

Here's the menu :)

We really enjoyed our stay here and satisfy our street food cravings, definitely coming back! :)

You can check their site 

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