Movenpick at Night: Enjoying the night at Ibiza Beach Club!

by - December 11, 2013

This post is for our "accidental" visit in Ibiza Beach Club located inside the Movenpick itself. 

 While enjoying the place and the photo worthy surrounding, 
 Doing a lot of Instagram-ing and photo ops,
 Walking on the fine sand of Movenpick
 A crew asked us if we will go to Ibiza Beach Club, I said yes, but only just to take pictures. But she highly recommend us to go there at 7 pm (if I'm not mistaken) because the show will start that time that they prepared for their guest.
 Look how peaceful this place during day time! I asked boyfie to join me the earliest of the day to take some pictures! 
 It was also my first time to taste a Moringa Power Boost! See how Moringa leaf can do for you here
 Our Favorite Spot! 
syempre hindi ako magpapahuli jan! haha!

*Moving on, we went at Ibiza around 7:30 pm, and the show just started. Each weekend, they have different program theme, that time it's Latin American :)*
(Please forgive me with low quality photos, my cam died right when we went there. Puurfect T.T )
 Here's Ibiza Beach Club. There's no entrance fee. It's a freebie for those who checked-in the hotel. 
 Though.. Cocktails, Drinks, Snacks, etc were offered if you stay there. 
This is their restaurant. They offer Churrasso Buffet! Authentic Churrasso Buffet! :O 
Sayang! I want to try that, but we just finished our dinner that time :(
Since I don't drink at all, I just had a flat white coffee to boost up my energy (Loser ba? hahah!) while boyfie had his drink.  But yes, the price were a bit steep. Since a buko juice, plain buko juice costs 250 pesos.
 But despite of that, there's no doubt for me giving a 5/5 star. 
 Like I said it was Latin American that night but they also cater different theme like acoustic night, POP, etc) 
 The beaming purple, red, blue, violet lights were pretty nice! What cha say? :)
I was impressed with their presentation. Literally! I was amazed! It's not a "puchu puchu" presentation at all! 
You'll see that they really prepared for their numbers. I enjoyed the fire dancing, fire eating, fire hoola hoop-ing. hahah!

 They also dance, sing Latin and "Caramba" songsss! :D
 I enjoyed it a lot! It was soooo much fun! I didn't even expected that I will loved it! 
 What amazes me is how fast they change their costumes and props! :o
 They also asked the audience for photo op!
 Ofcourseeee! We are present! :D
 It was trully majestic at night! The blue and violet lighting brings vibe and classiness with the place! 
 I went to their powder room to fix myself and it was equally good as everything else! 
It's super cool! (literally!) It seems like a living room at all! :D
 The program will end at 9 oclock pm, but after that, the DJ will play some good music!
 And ohh btw, what makes the place special is the hanging couches/pads (?) where you can lie down while enjoying the panoramic view of the ocean or simply enjoy the acoustic music or the tugs tugs of the DJ. :)

You can check our accommodation stay here
Or you may check their facebook page here

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