Cukay's Cupcake Sampler :)

by - December 04, 2013

I've heard somewhere that Cukay's serve the best tasting Red Velvet? 
 And I didn't even know that there's a kiosk in Megamall. Maybe the color of the stall is not appealing that's why I didn't even notice that it's just right across F21.
 I wanted to try different flavors and good thing, there's a sampler cuppies of all the flavors. 
 For just 170 pesos, I can taste different flavors such as:
 Peanut Butter
 Red Velvet
 Red Velvet - It was good! Really moist, but I find it too oily especially the cupcake papercup
 Caramel - It was overly sweet for my taste considering I'm a sweet tooth.
 Chocolate Cupcake - I loved the smooth perfectly chocolatey icing it has. Though I find the cake a bit dry on this one. 
 Peanut Butter- I love how the peanut butter and the dark cupcake blended well with each other. 
 Carrot Cupcake - I don't like it (personal reason) since i can taste cinnamon thingy
Coffee Cupcake - Has bits of coffee granules that complimented the cupcake really well.

Overall, I still give this a 4/5 star. Considering the price plus the taste. When it comes to Red Velvet. I still go for Sonja's Cupcake and Cupcake Lab's version :)

You can check their page @ 

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