Birthday Treat from Yabu! :)

by - December 04, 2013

A month before my birthday, I received the coolest news ever! :)

 I received a birthday treat from Yabu! yay! Such a nice timing since boyfie is craving for some katsu that time! :D
 It's my first time trying out their Iidako Salad from the moment they released this one. I was kinda hesitant to order this since I want to stick to my usual Wakame and Potato Salad. hahaha! But I can't help it! Good thing! It did not disappoint! It's actually my new favorite from Yabu! Sweet-Spicy baby Octopus on a crisp cucumber! 
 Ofcourse, the forever popular Wakame Salad of Yabu, it was not served as cold as I expected it to be, but still it doesn't stop me from munching out everything! :D
 I was entitled for a free katsu, and like our usual routine, boyfie and I divides the viand in half so we can taste each other's meal. Still, from all the katsu houses appearing everywhere, Yabu still remain as number 1 Katsu house! IMO :)
 We even tried the sesame rice that was suggested in Yabu facebook page, and it's actually very addictive! It gives an oomphh factor. Simply grind the seed (like the usual routine) > Instead of putting some katsu sauce, simple put the pink himalayan sea salt and mix thoroughly > then pour it over to your hot steamy rice.  I gives an extra spice on your rice. :)
 We also ordered their Jumbo Oysters. I have to admit, it's my favorite from all the Yabu dish. As much I want to try out every dish in Yabu, I can't help but order it over and over again. See my first post here
Look at these huge oysters? AHHHH!!! I'm in Oyster paradise! They were so fresh and plump! You can't blame me if I order these over and over again! You see the reason over there!

Check their facebook page @

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