An enchanting stay @ Movenpick Cebu

by - December 07, 2013

Movenpick is actually on my "must visited place" since the day I saw it online. I fell inlove instantly!
 I want to have my prenup here soon! HAHA! It took us around 45 minutes going there since we went to Ayala Center to eat and waited for their shuttle. 
 Yes, they offer free shuttle! But! It has a schedule. 3 schedule per day only. (I wished they put more shuttle schedule though) But I was shocked to see their shuttle. It's not the usual shuttle with printed name of the resort. It's a jeepney inspired shuttle that was like a princess carriage .
 Infairness, the check in was a breezy easy! Their welcome drinks was an ice cold mango puree. Saraaap! 
 The reception area has a fresh and stylish decoration. 
Blue, Green and White Hues matches the silver ornaments of the place. 
The rooms was bright and refreshing.
The room size was just right for us. The bed especially the pillow was gorgeous! 
I think it's a feather pillow that's why the softness is one of a kind!
You can even have your meal here if you want to.
  It comes with a balcony that has an awesome view!
The comfort room was well equipped and clean.

 And oh, did I mention that their toiletries were Chopard? I think it costs 1600. fancy! 
I bring this at home instead of using it! HAHAHA!
 Complimentary fruits as we arrived. 
 Their lobby has billiards , chess , and XBOX yo! Too bad I don't know how to play those! nyahah!
 The POOL It was impressive! Be ready with your iphones and cameras ! It's a picture perfect and instagram worthy shot! Yung tipong mauubusan ko ng posing kakapicture? :))
 I find a tranquility while staying here in the pool especially at night. The whole swimming pool will turn to blue that has glowing chairs where you can sit while taking some dips and a couple of laps
 They also have their beach. Not that long stretch of sand, but sure that it's clean and really well maintained. 
Even beach towels were provided already :)
 Yes, I forgot to mention that it's the former Hilton Hotel. That's why you can see the former color of the said hotel. 
 Their garden has different stylish garden chairs and interesting couches that you can use while enjoying the view. 
Like this one.
We called this as hamster chair. See how boyfie pretends to be a hamster? hahah! 
 Everything is perfect for photo op! We really want to have a pictures on every angle! :P
 Here's a shot of their Ibiza Beach Club (See review here)
 This 5 star hotel really nailed everything! They maintained their standard everywhere. This is a day shot of the Ibiza Beach Club that will turn into a glowing club at night. (wait for my review, the place is truly awesome at night :) )
They also have this hanging couches/pads (?) where you can lie down and enjoy the panoramic
 beach view while enjoying the music and program at night. 
See I told you that's it's an instagram worthy place! hahaha! I'll go back here soon, I promise! As for their food, I'll put a different review with their restaurant as well. :) 

tetadventurer tip:
Price range may vary. When I inquired about the place, the original price for a Deluxe Room is 11,000+ for an overnight stay. But the one on their website is different so I asked for clarification. Then later on, I found out that Philippine Residents has a discounted rate (awesome right?). So make sure to inform that you are a residing here in the Philippines. The rate is 8,000 per overnight stay (breakfast buffet included), BUT dinner however is charged separately. A total of 10,000 pesos for our accommodation. 

Please do comment if you have any questions. ciao! :)
Check their facebook page @

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  1. I fell in love with the resort too! Plus they're really affordable considering their amenities!

    But correction, "The place was kinda far from Mactan It took us around 45 minutes going there. As for us, we went to Ayala Center to eat and waited for their shuttle."

    - The resort is actually in Mactan and only 10 minutes or less away from the airport :)

    1. DARN! I stand to be corrected! My friend who lives in Cebu even said the same thing to me! It's because we came from Ayala Center that time! (and overwhelmed with Cebu's traffic. hehe!) Thanks for the correction Mika! :)
      Btw, I wasn't able to try their SPA :(

  2. No words can express how beautiful is this place.

    1. I couldn't agree more Yna! Every angle seems so perfect! Everything was picture worthyt! Did you go at Ibiza as well? :)

    2. haven't been to Cebu yet! hehe but soon. :D

    3. Can't wait for your experience girl! I'm definitely sure that you'll love the place Yna, especially their Lechon! :D

  3. Hi ask ko lang bakit nging 10k ung stay nio ? Kasi may nkita ako sa mismong site nila hnd sa agoda 7991.50 ata un. Kasama naba breakfast dun? Thank you!

    1. Hello Christine,

      As per stated, the reason why the total is 10,000 because our dinner is charged separately (We order ala carte meals for the two of us) since it's not part of the package. Cheers!

  4. Hi ask ko lang ung bakit nging 10k? May nkita ako sa site nila 7991.50 included na lahat dun tax service charge etc plus may breakfast na yun. Yun ba naavail niyo? Thank you!


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