Serenitea's Christmas Drink!

by - November 07, 2013


Chaffe Mocha Frost 
Cocoa Frost with Nutella 
Cocoa Cookies and Cream

 Boyfie ordered the Cocoa Frost With Nutella and I ordered the Cocoa Cookies and Cream. I guess they're still unfamiliar with the drink coz guess what? We've waited for 20 minutes for our drink. To think that they have codigo on their wall. 128557 And I'm almost late already.  Upon sipping my drink, it was reaaaally good! Taste of Ice Cream, with Pudding (as my sinker) with cookie bits, Cocoa, and hmmmmm. Wait!!! Why it taste like Nutella? *Not complaining here* It's Nutella anyway. 
But!!!! When boyfie taste his drink, it tastes like water with hint of chocolate. I guess they mixed and match our orders. So when I told them that there's no hint of Nutella, they get the drink and they will just put Nutella while doing some make face on me! What the??? It's not even my fault if you mix and match our drink because you're still unfamiliar with the ingredients. 
 I really adore their Christmas Character.

 Well, they fix our drink naman, but I just really dont want their reaction even when they're giving the drink to me. Nakasimangot sila swear. Urghhh. Anyway, the drinks was good. Only the poor service I've got is the down side. But nevertheless, I will surely try this but not on this branch. :(

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