Honey Comb Crunch Cake @ Purple Oven!

by - November 05, 2013

WALANJA, PURPLE OVEN NA NAMAN? Hahaha! But please LOOK AT THE PICTURE FIRST! Sorry guys, I was really planning to buy two different cakes (c/o the suggestions I've received) but then, we're on the way, knowing my Dad, that doesn't want a long drive, he told me just to buy at Puple Oven.

Since My Dad is not a fan of sweets, I just asked for the Honey Comb Crunch Cake (650 pesos) I loved how they presented their Cake. It was plain as white but elegantly decorated.
Second, they will give you a Honeycomb candy --included already. a.k.a Tira Tira candy during childhood days! Hahaha! I just put half of it, then papak the remaining! Nyahah!
Third: It's up to you on how you will decorate it to your cake! As for us, I semi crushed the honey comb, then put little chunks inbetween! Nom!
How is it? My Dad loves it even He's not fan of sweets! The chiffon cake is the softest chiffon ever! It has a light white icing all over that will not give you the umay factor. Inbetween is a light cream filling with bits of honeycomb.
If you're a fan of not so sweet cake, then you will love this. I think I was destined to try all of Purple Oven Cakes! :)

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