Fall Off the Bone Goodness @ Rub Ribs & BBQ!

by - November 21, 2013

Rub Ribs and BBQ has been sitting on my "must try" list for a long time! We want to go there when we are completely hungry to have a good experience with the place. 
 Rub offers fall off the bone goodness ribs and other grilled favorites.
 Truth as they say that the place was small and you have to be willing to wait to get a place. We waited more than an hour since we are on the waiting list. (Promise, it's worth the wait) Though my only wished is that they put a proper waiting area since it tends to be sunny during noon time :)
 Not so fancy but rustic feel of their menu
 Their Menu. Can you see how affordable their food was?
 SUPER DUO (370 pesos) That's good for two! A huge slab of ribs that comes with 2 sidings of your choice. 
 A huge fork as a size comparisson.
 Boyfie opted to have rice. They called it as "spiced rice" not spicy actually but the rice itself has tons of spices. I can clearly taste the itallian seasoning on this one. The serving size of their rice is small so you might wanna ask for extra rice like what boyfie did ;)
 Bacon and Potato Salad - this one was just okay for me. Flavor wise, it's good, but it can be improved. And I appreciate it better if the slice will be smaller :)
But the main star is.............ten teneneeeen! The ribs! I must say, it actually blew us away. Considering that it's just 370 pesos for two person? It's definitely a hit! I don't know why other says it's not "that" fall off the bone, but what we had is literally fall out the bone. I can easily cut it with a work. Flavor wise, it's fantastic. Plus with thin fatty trimmings on side. heheh! :P

House Blend Iced Tea (110 pesos) Not a fancy one but it's quite refresing! Not just a powdered one but it has a hint of a real tea. :)

I really love discovering Hole in a Wall food stops, especially if it gives value to our money like this. Will surely visit their store again and try their other offerings! :)

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