Catch up with my bestfriend @ Red Palace

by - November 09, 2013

Red Palace is probably one Chinese Restaurant that has good food, but don't amaze me for some reason.

 Peanuts as complimentary
 Yang Chow - If I remember it right, their Yang Chow is good, especially the shrimps! :)
 Assorted Coldcuts 
Was okay. Nothing to brag about, but the unusual here is they also serve Lengua (ox tongue) as part of their coldcuts. It was tenderly cooked. I'm also a sucker of seaweeds but I dont appreciate their version since it was really spicy.
Ordered different kinds of dimsum but what stood out is their Siomai. Really flavorful and has plump and juicy shrimp inside! Nom!
Mixed Vegetables 
Photo attached. It was good! Forgive me not to remember the veggies included but it's good. I'm not sure what's on the upper right corner that looks like a flower or watsoever. Hahah. I loved it! I believe its sorta kind of mushroom?

Their food is good, but no ooomph factor. But I'm still willing to try out their other food offerings :)

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