Where's the old Rufo's now? :(

by - October 22, 2013

What happened Rufo's? You used to be my favorite! :( I remembered the "old" Rufo's. 
Truth to their saying that "Sabaw pa lang, ulam na!" 
 But look at that? It was serve cold and tough! :(
On the other hand, boyfie ordered this one. It was stated on their menu that their Lechon Kawali was served with their "special sauce". (And take note that boyfie is really particular with sauces) only to find out that it's just a Toyo and Kalamansi! And look how fatty their Lechon Kawali was? Disappointment!
Good thing we ordered Sizzling Adobo Mushroom! The saving grace of our meal! The garlic and the onions complimented well with their thick sauce! Please come back my ol' favorite Rufo's! :(

Check their site @

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