Vanilla Cupcake Bakery finally now @ UP Town Center!

by - October 10, 2013

Did you know that UP Town Center is already open? It's just few blocks away from Ateneo. It has limited stores like Casa Verde (popular and originally from Cebu), Steveston Pizza, IHOP, Ryu, etc. Ofcourse, as a sweet tooth, my first visit would be a cupcake shop. :)
First time trying this cupcake store, SRSLY! Trinoma and other branches seems too far for me! Compared to other branches (since I've read reviews first) I think the place is way too small. 
with super girly theme. Felt like a princess inside!
Very well said :)
Though the place is really hot and malangaw. Why it's like that? I felt uncomfortable with the place despite of the pretty set up.

Below average. I want to give this place a 4, but because of their service, nahhhh! They're literally unprepared. They open the store with limited flavors. They always say "available on display lang po". 
Well, I don't have any issues with that, but I wished they just start preparing a bit earlier right? 
We already planned that we will order Pesto and Rice Meal plus cupcakes. Since I believe that they offer those too! (Just like other branches) But disappointment hits us again, they only serve cupcakes! Hay!!! So magpapakalunod nalang kame sa cupcake.

So we ordered the following:

Banoffee (100 pesos) - I've read different raves with this one. But I guess it's not for me. The crumbs of the banoffee was so dry. The banoffee cream taste like thick yema! Ackkk! I dunno if it's just me, but I know that a banoffee should taste like the one in starbucks (atleast). Not even close.
Oreo White Chocolate Mousse (130 pesos) - It was really goooood!!! My mouth is bursting with so much happiness! The creaminess of the cream plus the bitter sweet cookies. Though my only complain is that, it's not properly chilled! (same as with the banoffee) It seems that we're eating a Nestle Cream straight from the tetra pack. Ackkk! would definitely love this one to the highest power if it was chilled properly. Hindi talaga malamig, swear. :( I guess it's the reason why we felt umay and sawa at the same time. 
Classic Smores Cupcake (95 pesos)- Nothing particular. The cupcake is soft but not moist enough.
Oreo Cheesecake (120 pesos)- Recommendable! I love the right sweetness of the icing, plus the "PERFECT" smooth consistency that the cheesecake should have. I appreciate the fact that their cupcakes were not overly sweet! Really impressive! I will definitely visit their store again and hopefully, the service, especially the ventilation will be okay already :)

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