TRY EAT: Borough's Cookies and Milk

by - October 03, 2013

COOKIES AND MILK!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Since we're waiting for Podium to open, 
we stayed in Borough since I found out in Looloo it's 24 hours! Yey!
 I was still hesitant to get inside since I don't know if they really are open. But I see a LOT of foreigner drinking beers.
 Just ordered the Cookies and Milk. (220 pesos) SERIOUSLY! It was not actually part of my plan eating here. 
Since we'll be eating somewhere, But I'm really curious with the raves with this one. 
I thought that it's just over rated. I even tell myself, "How can a cookie will be so good as like that in their review?"
 But I was wrong. Kinain ko lahat ng sinabi ko! Hahahah!!! The cookie (Milk, Chocolate with hint of Cinnamon, and Cookie with Raisin--not sure with flavor names) was served fresh and hot.
 It was so soft and chunky at the same time. Literally melts in my mouth! Plus their creamy yummy milk reminds me of cerealicious! I can eat this forever!! Now I know it's not just a rave after all! It's a majestic reality! 

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