Pizza Goodness @ Friuli Trattoria

by - October 05, 2013

Actually I forced boyfie to dine here, even though he wants stuffed crust from Pizza Hut. 
 But then I said "Since we're going to spend, why not sa hindi pa natin nata-try?" 
 The place is just the usual karinderya type that is aircondition. Nothing fancy.
Their Service? IT SUCKS BIGTIME!!! *Here goes my rant* We arrived 10:10 am, (opening hours is 10am) but we were informed by the super duper grumpy lady staff that they can't accept orders as of the moment since someone is still cleaning their stove. Only Pizza. 
 Then I said "Sige Ate Let me know kung pwede ng umorder ng pasta". So she asked for our pizza order in irritated tone of voice. Then after that, she went back again on her "callmate", I am definitely sure that she's like that because we disturb her on the telebabad moments.
 A lot of different diners (around 15 pax) decided not to eat there. Eh pano ba naman, pag pasok mo palang, sasabihan ka na ng "hindi pa kame pwedeng tumanggap ng order, after one hour pa at nililinis pa yung kalan!" And take note, nakasimangot sya.
(Don't you think they should change their menu already? ;))
 I don't know what's her problem, if she has LQ with her jowa, monthly period, PMS, mood swings, or she just don't like her job! Besides, if your opening hour is 10am, why not clean your stove earlier in the first place?! Or might as well, help the one cleaning the stove kesa nagtetelebabad ka jan? One of the worst services ever!!!

Moving forward, I found out that we can order two different pizza in half. 
We ordered the All Meat (250 pesos/whole) and Tre Formaggi (180 pesos/whole).
 If you wish to do the half:half flavor, the most expensive pizza corresponds your price. 
In our case, that would be the All Meat (250 pesos). Super sulit!
  Infairness, it was good! Thin crust pizza with flavorful meaty goodness! While the Tre Formaggi pizza is best to be eaten hot and savor the gooey cheese! It's comparable with Yellow Cab.

We also ordered their Pesto (140 pesos) and All Meat Spaghetti (125 pesos). 
Remember, the serving size was good enough for two. But it ends there.
 The Meatsauce Spaghetti was OK. Flavorful sauce which you can really taste the meaty-ness of the sauce. 
But the pasta was over cooked bigtime!
Their Pesto gives me heartache.

I was planning to give it a 3 out of 5, but the lady server was really sucks that the goodness of the pizza can't put this rating up. Bad as it may seems but If I am the owner of the store, I'll surely fire her!

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