Krispy Kroissant by Krispy Kreme!

by - October 05, 2013

They call is as Krispy Kroissant Rings. Well, I'm already torn if this is on my number one spot or Wildflours Cafe
(Still have to try Dolce Latte, Yamato and Bronuts) -padami na sila ng padami! hahah! 
Moving on, they have different flavors to choose from. Chocolate, Strawberry, Apple Cinnamon and Vanilla Cream.

You know me, I love chocolates! And how boyfie is such a sucker of Vanilla! So there it is!
Chocolate and Vanilla Flavored Krispy Kroissant. In fairness to Krispy Kreme, which thankfully still available that time, it's good! Not oily, the sweetness is just right.
 It's a bit chewy but not the bubble gum type. Though I wish it would be more flaky. The filling inside is like Bavarian (which I'm not a fan) but not so much naman. Like a Cream and Bavarian inbetween so it's okay.
You'll see how the cream oozes out of the Krispy Kroissant on every slice! Oh, and don't forget, it's available only at 10am-2 pm. I had a lot of failed attempts with these babies. Always sold out. So better be early than sorry! :)

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