Half Baked Madagascar and Dark Roast Sumatra @ Mad Marks!

by - October 04, 2013

HALF BAKED MADAGASCAR and DARK ROAST SUMATRA! Now I know what they are talking about! 
After a delightful meal in Poco Deli, I told myself that I will taste that Half Baked Madagascar!
 The place was really small. Less than 10 tables I think. Extensive menu but we didn't order any main since we just finished our breaky. Their service was excellent! It was still close when we arrived. That's 10 oclock in the morning already. But there's a crew inside. I looked at their glass window saying: "ate what time po kayo mag open?"
  Then she told me around 10:45-11:00 pa. (with smile on her face) I was sad since i really want to taste that ice cream. Then I said "sige na ate, ice cream lang naman bibilhin ko" hahahaha! Then she opened the door for us which i appreciate.Then in less than two minutes, pinky promise, the place was packed!
 2 scoop = 110 pesos.
 2 scoops of Half Baked Madagascar for me, and 2 scoops of Dark Roast Sumatra for boyfie. 
The Half Baked Madagascar is really creamy and has a smooth texture with chunks of cookie dough. (Around 4 cookie dough I guess). While the Dark Roast Sumatra reminds of Starbucks Iced White Chocolate Mocha. Swear bear, it's like a Starbucks drink turned into ice cream! Can't wait to try their mains! :)

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