Exploring the Fancy Shmancy place of Sweet Spot!

by - October 04, 2013

It's been ages that it's sitting on my Must Try List, I'm saving this place for something special. 
 99th Monthsary with boyfie :)
 No complain on this one. It has a chic classy interiors with doodle paintings, artsy decor and mini library!
Reminds me of Caffe Bene so much!
 Shot from their 2nd floor
 Though the only thing is their service. Major disappointment. I make sure that I've read reviews on this place, and stating that they have awesome service, but I dunno what happened. The crew serving us/cashier doesn't have the "smile" vocabulary in her dictionary. She don't smile, smid, or any whatsoever to let us feel we're welcome.:(

 And look at those cakes! Who can resist that?

Wanted to order their rice meal but it's unavailable, then i looked for our second option but it's unavailable as well. 
 All that I wanted is unavailable so we just tried our luck. We ordered these..
 Plus a dessert and shake ofcourse! :)
 Kung Pao (180 pesos)- I thought it's super duper good. Maybe I just expected too much from Kris Aquino's reaction. Hahaha. But it's just right, Kung Pao filled with lotsa veggies! Lacks some flavors though. I wish the sauce would be thicker! :)
 Pulled Pork Adobo Sandwich (160 pesos)- The saving grace! I didn't expect that I will love this! The "adobo flakes" tastes like Lechon/Crispy Pata? It's really flavorful! The yummy flavor sips in the flakes. Arghh! Good one!
 Dulce de Leche Cake (100+)- Thank goodness I ordered this one, or else, I don't know what rating this place would have. It was my first time to love a Dulce de Leche Cake. The cheesecake was so smooth and has the right of tanginess topped with condense milk (?)
 Pecan Turtle Pie (100+)- It was good, but it's not what I expected to be. I was looking for the usual grainy base. 
Their version is like a banana bread-like cake, flavored with butterscotch thingy.
 Mud Slide Blended Coffee (135 pesos)- What a disappointment! I was told that it's a combination of chocolate and coffee, so I think I will like it, but yakkkk!! It's so bitter! Tastes like a nescafe coffee without any sugar! 

Mocha Jello (135 pesos)- Since boyfie is craving for one. It's urghhh. Same as their Mud Slide but the only difference is that, it doesn't have whipped cream, and it has gellatin. I felt robbed with these two
I must say, this shot is good! :P The drink there is the Singaporean Sling Tea - Refreshing Raspberry drink!

Despite of the poor service, I'll still give this place another try! Hopefully their entrees is available already! :)

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