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by - October 19, 2013

I told boyfie to prepare himself since I expected that the place is jam packed, but luckily, there's still available tables left. 
 The place is quite small, but it has a vibe of classy and rustic look 
 Their service was excellent. Infairness, we didn't experience poor service like others. 
Maybe because we're just few that time. They are very friendly and prompt to our needs! 
 And they have lots of freshly baked goodies on display.

*Here's their menu*
 Considering the taste of their food, I must say, it's affordable! You'll definitely have your money's worth.
 We ended up ordering so many things since boyfie and I can't decide what to drop on our list
 Cereal and Milk (145 pesos)- A bottle of Ice Cold Milk with flavorful cerealicious taste! 
It's on a sweeter side, but not too much. The perfect ice cold temperature was really a winner!
 Compost Cookie *The rightmost one* (45 pesos) - Imagine a chewy cookie, that has tons of goodies on it? A mixture of Chocolate Chips, Pretzels, Nuts, Oatmeal and everything that seems so good in their kitchen was there!
 LACE COOKIE (35 pesos) - First time to try this in Cebu @ Sweet Stuffs by Jill, a super thin cookie (as in super). It was called "Lace" Cookie since it's a lace-like cookie just like the one used in clothes with little holes. But Breakfast and Pie's version in just sooooo $@;$(%#€~¥<! gooood! 2 thin almond caramelize lace cookie with rich bitter sweet chocolate. Sweet tooth must try this baby!
 CARAMELIZED SPAM (245 pesos) - I was like "wadaefff! Caramelized SPAM? Kayang kaya kong gawin sa bahay yan!" But I was wrong. It's really impressive! Thick cut of SPAM that was perfectly glazed with sugar was really a winner! I wonder how that flavor sips in the SPAM? Saraaaap! And oh, it was served with soft boiled egg with "pesto sauce" so it's automatic plus points to me! It also has Kimchi (which I'm not a fan) but since it's not spicy, I loved it!
 BEEF BELLY CORNED BEEF (225 pesos) - A huge cut of flavorful corned beef that has the distinct smokey taste with little bit of beef fatty trimmings that makes the dish oh so goooood!
 CRACK PIE *The right most part* (155 pesos) - The super famous Crack Pie! I told the server to reserve one for me just to make sure and she smiled and said madami daw silang stock. I must agree! It's good! Luscious thin crusted pie with buttery taste, topped with thin creamy layer of something. Hahaha! Basta it's good!
 Butterfinger Pie (125 pesos) - But, I will give my vote to this Pie. Maybe I'm a lover of Butterfinger/Reese's that's why. A super soft delicate layer of crust, with itsy bitsy nuts plus the nutty heavenly innards, inbetween was a soft and smooth chocolate filling. Now what??? Isn't it a winner?

Every dish we ordered was really recommendable! 
And definitely can't wait to try their other dishes! 
No wonder why this place is such a popular one! :)

Check out their Facebook page here

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