Chinese Food cravings satisfied @ Hap Chan!

by - October 13, 2013

Since my Dad is not fond of of long driving. Good thing there's a newly open Chinese Resto near us!

 And surprisingly, the place was packed even it's still new!

We ordered the following: 

Special Assorted Coldcuts Combination- It's good! Not the usual kind of coldcuts that was serve in other resto. Since they have Lengua, and those stuffs that I'm not familiar.But I kinda don't like their Seaweed (which I'm looking forward everytime) 

 Though their "special" is just the same with the regular which we ordered the other week. (photo above) 
 Hot and Sour Soup - Since I'm tired of the usual soup, I asked my Dad to order Hot and Sour soup since it sounds so good! Acckkk!! Kaderder! It was really sour! Not expecting that it would be so sour like that! The first time that we didn't finish our soup and lots of leftover.
 Yang Chaw Rice - Kanin palang ulam na! (Wait, it's familiar! hahah) Smokey Yang Chaw rice generously topped with good stuffs!
 Steam Fish with Garlic - In the photo! Simple dish, but truly the highlight of our meal (for me) It's really good! Soft Cream Dory fish on a sweet soysauce!
Special Birthday Mixed Beef Noodles - Twas OK. The sauce was thick the way I liked it. But taste wise, It can be improved. 
 Beef with Broccoli - Was so-so. The veggies were cooked perfectly, though I can taste some bitter parts. Maybe with the body itself.
 Salt and Pepper Calamari - 2nd to my favorite! I didn't experience a hard time chewing the squid. Twas soft, tasty, and crunchy on the outside. But my brother said it's hard to chew? Maybe some was cooked perfectly while others
Lechon Macau - Hmmm. Nothing much to say. Needs a major flavor bigtime!

Hap Chan is one of our one stop resto that satisfies our cravings in an instant! :)

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