AirAsia Zest flies from Manila! :)

by - October 17, 2013

Holy Moly news! Two of the biggest airline company has already made a partnership to take us to our dream destination! Air Asia and Zest’s Airline is now bigger, and even better! Presenting, Airasia Zest
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Offering an affordable and yet secured way of travelling. Yes! We Filipinos love to travel right? Especially without putting a hole in our wallet! And that’s what Airasia Zest offering to everyone. Through AirAsia Zest, The Right Way to Fly is just a piece of cake! Awesomeness right? 

Well, for the frequent followers of my blog, you know how I LOVE to travel from one place to another! (Ofcourse with my oh-so-partner boyfie!) With the different wonders here in the Philippines, the hidden gems, and extreme adventures.

I really can’t wait for that moment where we can visit one of our dream beach destinations. 

First Stop: Puerto Princesa Sometimes I’m thinking, am I the only one who has not been to Puerto Princesa yet? I mean imagine, included in the wonders of the world? I was already mesmerized when I saw the pictures of my friends that visited the place. What more if it’s face to face already? I guess I will have that drop jaw moment again! Hahah!

Second Stop: Davao! It's been ages that Davao is still sitting on my must visited place. Sigh! Especially when  I was informed that their beaches is one of the nicest ever! Look at that picture? Can you even determine that it's still in the Philippines?
Third Stop: Boracay! Listed as the most beautiful beach in the world. My first and last visit! (Hopefully not!) When me and boyfie visited the place, it was literally jam packed! We have to plan and schedule every hours and minutes since we are really running out of time to the point that we didn't appreciate the real beauty of that paradise. Time pressure sucks :( And this time, on our next visit we just want to relax and enjoy the finest white beach ever! :)

Fourth and Last Stop: Shanghai China and Incheon South Korea! Well, to tell you honestly guys, I haven't been to other country. And China and Korea is the top two places that I wanted to visit. 

Why China? Having a Chinese blood, it's sad that I haven't been to China ever. Ironic isn't it? It's actually my childhood dream to go to China! Visit different tourist spots and appreciate their culture even more! And ofcourse, to try different Chinese delicacies! :)
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And last but definitely not the least, Korea. Maybe one of the main reason why I love going to Korea is the Cherry Blossoms. HAHAHAH! (I hope I'm not the only one though. :D) Plus the different Koreanovelas influenced me a lot! haha! Seeing the beauty of their nature plus the structures of their building and their latest technology really amazes me!

With the help of AirAsia Zest, one can definitely fly and Travel in the Philippines, or even Travel in Asia with Airasia to places without sacrificing their money, and yet receiving a world class service! See their rates and even compare to others! Then you'll see what I mean! ;)

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