A quick meal @ Kebabers!

by - October 12, 2013

It funny how a tarpaulin (appetizing tarpaulin) to be exact, can tempt you to eat there.

photo from their site
 While on our way going to Purple Oven, boyfie and I saw a Kebabers tarp that has a Kebab with oozing cheese inside.Then you know what happens next.
 The place was a bit small, but the interiors was pretty nice. The color combination of their Purple and Yellow theme matches the comic strips on their wall. And wifi too!
 Their service was okay. Nothing to highlight about.
 The price was pretty cheap. I guess around 150-200 pesos per dish. 

 I ordered their Rice toppings with steak and beef strips. 
 And ofcourse we ordered their Kebab with Cheese which was their best seller according to them. 
I was excited to slice the Kebab with Cheese, but to my disappointment, tadaaaah! Look at that! It's really far from their tarp! (well, advertising at its finest) But yeah, really disappointed. Taste wise, it's tastleless. I'm trying not to be mean but it really is. Needs salt badly! There's no even a hint of persian spices.

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