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by - September 05, 2013

I'm sure everyone of you is aware that I love sweets. I'm such a sweet tooth foodie that I can, I repeat, I CAN AVOID every food, aside from sweets! seriously! HA! And one of my weaknesses is cupcakes! I love it to the highest level! It's like an excuse to eat a cake even in the morning! hahah!
 Until Sweet Maria finally found me! Or, my sweet tooth just suddenly found them! :)
 Sweet Maria is an online pastry shop (soon to have a shop) owned by Maria Espie Vidal herself, offering wide variety flavors of cupcakes that accept orders of all types. Parties, events, or just simple craving for cupcakes.:)
 I love taking picture of cupcakes! I just can't help it! I tried not to put a lot of pictures on this post but I really can't resist playing and doing some photo shoots with her cupcake! See?
Orayts! So let me describe you these babies!
 Red Velvet- A bursting flavor of rich velvety flavored cupcake generously topped with melt in your mouth cream cheese! 
 Vanilla Fudge- I was completely surprised with this one! The cupcake has a gooey chocolatey innards inside! 
Twas really good! I personally loved the sandy icing it has plus the chocolate drizzle!
 Classic Cookies and Cream - Imagine a cookie crumble on its base, then cupcake, then finally topped with dollop of frothy cookie icing! Cookie lover will surely love this one! Arghhh! I will not forget that humongous delicious amount of cookie icing!
 Black Velvet - I've been hearing Black Velvet even before, but to be honest with you guys, this is my first time to try a Black Velvet! A rich chocolatey base cake, then finally topped with delectable Cream Cheese! Heaven!
 Classic Chocolate - One of my favorite! A heavenly brownie like cake, topped with smooth, creamy, buttery sansrival like taste. 
I just can't find the right term for this one. But it's just irresistible!
 Dark Cookies and Cream - Perfect for chocolate lovers! Creamy cookie Icing, nested on a perfectly baked chocolate cake, then another layer of cookie crumbs on it's base. Now tell me, who can resist that? :)

Attaaaaaaaaaaack! :))
All of the Sweet Maria's cupcakes has this cakey cupcake texture but I do appreciate if the cupcake will be moister. :) But nevertheless, the cupcakes was really good! Take it from my word. You know I'm such a buttercream girl, that's why my sweet tooth buds suddenly cry because of happiness because it was enormously topped (hindi tinipid hahahah!) with icing. 

If you want to taste this heavenly tasting cupcakes, you can check and like (she does promos/contest too!) her facebook page  @
Or contact her through the following:
Mobile: 09154059145
WeChat: mariaespie
Instagram : sweetmariaph

  • Ohh, and btw, the owner of Sweet Maria? She's such a nice person especially when you talk with her personally. 
  • For those near the area, they will have upcoming event Tavola Bazaar ABSCBN compound – Sept. 23-27 / sept 30 – oct 4

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