Pico de Loro: Lagoa Restaurant

by - September 12, 2013

So this was our not so good dinner happen to us in Lagoa, Pico de Loro's Restaurant
In fairness, the place was well lighted with yellowish light effect. Though, not that ventilated. 
I loved the coffee beans placed in the cup per table. I find it cute! 
The servers was accommodating enough, but we're having a hard time calling their attention every now and then.

*The price was gold as expected considering their itsy bitsy serving size. We asked them for how many pax per dish it can be, then they told us it's for 3-4 persons. To our surprise, yes! It really is! 3-4 kids!! *
Crispy Pork Slab a.k.a Lechon Kawali (360+
Not the best I've tasted. Josephine's LK is way way better! It's crispy yes, tasty yes, golden brown yes, overcooked yes! 
The meat part was tough already that will end up like a bubble gum in your mouth? Jeez.
Nilagang Bulalo (500+
A meat full of veggies with knuckle like size. The bulalo soup was serapated on a tiny bowl as in really small!!! You know Jollibee's Macaroni Sopas container? Yes! The size is like that! You might think that I'm exaggerating, I wish I am. But I'm not. It was served in front of me, I thought we will be given individually, but we were shocked when they told us it's the Bulalo Soup already! Sayang! It tastes good pa naman!
Pinaputok na Bangus (330+) 
I must say, flavor wise, i like it! Since I'm a fan of dishes like that. But the size was really bad. 
Reyes BBQ's bangus is much bigger. 
Chopsuey (190+) 
I like the thick and flavorful sauce it has. But it was not cooked properly. Some veggies were still uncooked. 

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