Discovering Latin American Food @ Brasas

by - September 20, 2013

Atlast! After sitting on my "Must Try" list for a long time. FINALLY! 
 The place was pretty small, I guess around 7-8 tables? But they have Al Fresco dining, 
if you want others to drool while you're eating! 
 I love how they creatively painted the walls with words and different pictures!
 Black and Red theme to match the Latin American vibe! Winner! Oh btw, don't rely on their wifi, it sucks bigtime! 
 Heheh. Hello there Mr. Cow! :)
 Their service was satisfactory. The lady who asked for my order was pretty nice. 
Though we had to follow up our request twice (extra plates, glass etc)
 They have wide array of choices. Each meal was served with a salad, patacones (banana) and their humugous amount of serving. We ordered the following:
 Carne Asadas Platter and Puerco Asado Cuba 
 Puerco Asado Cuba (280 pesos)- A huge slab of slow roasted pork, served with Rice and Beans. But since boyfie is not fan of those, I asked them to replace it with Yellow Rice. (yes for free) It was cooked perfectly! I thought I will have a hard time biting/chewing that one since I'm still on my adjustment period with my brace (sabe? Hahaha !) But No, there's no sweat chewing their food! Really soft and tender! :)
 Carne Asadas Platter (250 pesos)- It's good! Generous amount of charcoal grilled beef which was flavorful and well seasoned. Served with Yellow Rice and Chimichurri Sauce which was surprisingly good as well!

NOTE: Don't bother going here if you're full. I mean, go here when you're really starving. Just like what I've said, the serving size was really generous! I even gave my half part to boyfie. Sulit for the price. Value for money indeed! Can't wait to try their other offerings! :)

You can check their page @

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