Disappointing buffet @ Josephine's Tagaytay

by - September 10, 2013

I'm thinking already the savory taste of Josephine's Lechon Kawali and their Crispy Kare Kare which is oh so delish! REALLY DISAPPOINTED! 

 But we arrived their at 9 oclock in the morning and all they have is breakfast buffet, the ala carte meal will start at 10. WTH? What if I don't want buffet at all? But since we don't have a choice, we settled for that place. (Oh hi there my fail shot)

Infairness to them, they have wide selections of foods (viands). But that's it. But the taste? Meh!! Yung tipong basta may ma-serve lang! There's nothing really that I would go back for!
 Hotdogs, Bacon (SUPER THOUGH BACON), Fish Steak, Veggies
 Pork Hamonado, Longganisa
 Scrambled Eggs, Chicken Adobo, Embutido
 Rice Deli, Salted Eggs, Sauces
 Breads (some covered with cloth since there's a lot of flies!)
 Messy Cereal table with empty containers of milk
 The snob servers
My Plate. Can you believe that? It's buffet but I only had one plate. Really sad! I'll go back for their Lechon Kawali! 

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