CRONUTS # 2: Le Coeur de France

by - September 12, 2013

CRONUT number 2! Sorry, hindi padin ako nakakaget over sa cronut craze. Hahaha! Why? I simply love sweets!
 When I found out that a piece costs 89 pesos, sold! It's kinda late when we visited the place,
 so there's only one available flavor, the Mixed Berries.
 Mind you, It's "incomparable" to Wildflour, but I actually liked it! It's smaller compare to Wildflour, and it's on the makunat side. I know i'm weird! But what I liked is the filling, sweet, salty taste in between. It doesn't have sugar sprinkles outside but it's sugar glazed! The mixed berries is not sour too!

So this is my next day visit, FINALLY, there's available Double Belgian Chocolate and Parmesan Cheese. 
I thought I will like it since it's Chocolate. But no. Twas just okay. I dunno. I prefer the Parmesan than the chocolate. I love the combination of cheesy salty and sweet flavor it has. For some reason, it's more makunat than the first time I tried their Cronuts. I had a hard time eating it already. I liked the Mixed Berries most!

You can check Wildflour's version here

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