A new favorite Milk Tea stop: ZEN TEA! :)

by - September 04, 2013

THIS BRACES SUCKS! I thought it's easy just what it looks like! I can't eat anything! After my dentist appointment, I went straight to Pancake House where my sister and the kids having their lunch. I've tried eating but i just cant. I only had the Mashed Potato. 

 Going home with disappointment, I passed by Zen Tea. I'm not really familiar with this one. 
But since I saw a looloo sticker SOLD! I know it's good! 
 I ordered their *ehem* Wintermelon. That comes with free pearls and coffee jelly for only 80 pesos! 
It has the usual wintermelon taste like others but the difference is the creaminess of their drink. 
The wintermelon is mellow and has the right amount of sweetness! And for 80 pesos? It's sulit with 2 add ons included! Now, I am happy atleast! And there's a new favorite place that I can visit during my dentist appointment! yay! :)

Check their site @

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