Tummy Bursting Lunch @ Chilis!

by - August 29, 2013

Teta: Let's eat here na lang in Chili's!!!!!!

Gian: No Mommy Teta, I don't want. I don't want spicy foods!

 Hahaha! I just burst laughing at my nephew, but the crew outside, smiled and told him that it's just their name, but not basically spicy foods! Their service was excellent. They made our stay comfortable and hassle free. Really friendly all through out our stay.
 Their branch here was a bit smaller than other branch. But twas okay, my neice and nephew had a great time drawing using their Coloring Book provided and some Crayons! Since I don't know what to order, i just asked my sister to order for us. The price was reasonable since their serving size is huuge! We ordered the following:
 TRIPLE DIPPER (395 pesos) Consist of the their Best Selling appetizers: 

Buffalo Wings- was okay too me which needs a little more tanginess flavor.

Chicken Crispers - Perfectly golden brown breaded chicken. I was surprise that it's really juicy and tender! 

South Western Eggrolls - I first thought that it's Fajitas. Nyahah. But it's a crispy flour filled with smoked chicken, black beans, corn, jalapeƱo Jack cheese, red peppers and spinach. I find it a bit spicy, but who cares, it's gooood! Served with their winner avocado-ranch dressing.
 CAJUN CHICKEN PASTA: (430 pesos) 
We first thought that it's a same ol boring pasta when they served it to our table. But I was wrong. 
Really creamy, pasta on a white based sauce topped with huge chunks of grilled chicken.
- 4 mini burgers (it's not actually mini at all! :o) generously filled with crispy bacon, aged cheddar cheese, sauteed onions and ranch dressing. Their patty was huge and awesome! Boyfie was hands down on this one! Plus! It was also served with crispy onion rings. Though, their onion rings was not crispy as I expected, nevertheless, it was one of the nicest onion rings I've tasted. Ewan ko ba, basta! Hahaha!  And oh, did I told you that their dips was one of the greatest!? Oh yes, I did!
- Twas also the golden chicken crispers that was served to us. But it was on a bed of fries.
Can you believe it? We didn't order anything. We're full! We even asked the crew to wrap our food for us since we can't consume it all. I just love my niece and nephew doing lambing to each other :)

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