Sudden PMS dining @ Green Tomato

by - August 02, 2013

Out of nowhere, my PMS strikes again and suddenly I want some pesto! 
And boyfie jived with my PMS and want some pasta too! HAHAHA!

 Since we want to try something new, we agreed dining in Green Tomato. Why?
 Because of their HUUUUGE menu outside. 
 I ordered their Pesto. Twas okay. As you can see on the picture, it's swimming in oil. :( 
Badly needs a LOT of pepper, parmasen cheese, and salt to taste. 
 Jake's Fave for boyfie. And same as mine, the dish was really bland. :(
Good thing, we ordered this one! This is the saving grace! Their Buffalo Pizza! Though the onions were gigantic cut, still the flavor of the pizza sauce was good! Tangy, Spicy, Sweet flavor on everybite. 

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