PROMO: Starbucks Card --FINALLY!

by - August 14, 2013

I know this has been a thread lately in networking sites like Facebook! Coffee Lovers like me surely loves this thing! 
After years of waiting Starbucks Card in Philippines. FINALLY! :)
No wonder it made a huge hit when they first released it last week in Glorietta! The card cost 300. But 
it's consumable. It's like a stored value card that you can use at our stores to buy anything from their stores.
(that's their releasing promo btw :))
What so good with this card is you can turn your visit into a reward. Like one handcrafted beverage is equals to 1 star, and total number of 12 star entitles you to have a free drink! Aside from that, it's a lifetime card! yes! No expiration! Thank goodness :)) And what's the coolest ever, you'll receive a birthday treat from them! :D
They have two designs of cards, which you can see on the photo above. And this is the one I chose. 
With the steaming coffee design. hahah!

Orayts! So Coffee Lovers, incase you haven't heard of this one, go grab yourself one! Don't forget to register your account here so you'll have a automatic free coffee from them. :)

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