PERSONAL: Newspaper nail art :D

by - August 24, 2013

The moment I saw the newspaper nail art, I told myself that I want to try that myself. Doing some research online, 
I found out that it's pretty easy as 1, 2, 3---4!

 What cha say? Not such a bad thing for a first timer right? :p

To do the stylish nail art you need to prepare the following:
 10 strips of newspaper
 Clear and White Nail Polish
 Alcohol placed in a container. (Thanks to my niece's luto lutuan!)
 FIRST: Apply the base coat using the clear nail polish. Let it dry.
 SECOND: Put two layers of white nail polish. Make sure it's completely dry before doing the next step.

THIRD: Put the newspaper strips on your nails and using your finger, put some alcohol and press it gently. After doing that remove the newspaper slowly. You will see that the print has been transferred on your nails. In case that a part of a nail wasn't covered with letters, you can put back again the newspaper strip, then put a drop of alcohol and press it again.
FOURTH: Put the final coating using the clear nail polish. Make sure that you don't slide the brush on your nails since it will smudge the letters. What you can do is, apply the final coat by drops, then carefully spread it. Then you're done! 

I am NO master with this one, but I thought it would be nice if I share it with you guys! :)

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