Mounthwatering Breakfast @ Poco Deli! :)

by - August 04, 2013

Still in a weekly quest trying different stops in Kapitolyo every Saturday! Huraaay! Really want to try Rub and Ribs since boyfie want some ribs but it's still close! Time check: 8am when boyfie and I arrived. So no choice but to go to other option, Poco Deli! And man! We made a right choice!

 Someone is trying to distract me! >:|
 The place was really small. Around 8 tables, as you enter. But I was surprised that they have somwhat hidden place behind the wall. All I thought it's just a wood wall or something. But it's a sliding door pala!
 Cakes, Sausages, Cheeeeeese!
 You can also have it as take out.

*Here's their menu*

 yes! they also offer draft beers, wine etc. There's a corner there filled with beers and stuffs, 
but since it's fragile, we settled for the safer place. hahahaa!

*We ordered the following*
Bacon Slab (320 pesos) - Arghh. ?%\#@$%! It's just sooo good! Really sinful breakfast! A huge slab of bacon served with eggs, steamy hot bacon rice! (i know, the bacon rice is not in the picture) I wasn't aware that there's generous amount of bacon bits on the rice) sayang! Feeling ko mas maganda yung photo pag ganun! :(
Anyway, It's really good! Tender and flavorful porky! I thought it's just a slab of ordinary pork, but it really has the authentic taste of the bacon! You'll not experience that "nakakaumay" taste! Melts in your mouth!
Wagyu Sausage (360 pesos) When it was served on our table, I said to boyfie "ayan na yun?"  I expected more fancy "looking" since it was Wagyu. But the moment I've tasted the sausage it's equally wonderful! The sausage was oh-so-juicy! And so flavorful too! I can taste that Wagyu Beef flavor! I know I haven't put some justice with the photo. I had a hard time finding it's angle. But it's really nomnomnom!
Completely Satisfied! We'll surely come back! :)

You can check their website @

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