Bohol: Simply Butterfly Conservation Center

by - August 03, 2013

Next Stop, Butterfly Conservatory! I honestly didn't expect that I will enjoy it this much! 
There's a minimum amount of entrance. It's 25 pesos if I remember it right
First thing you'll see are the hanging photo frames with different kinds of butterflies. 
Oh btw, their staff will tour you around the place and share different cool stuffs with the butterflies. 
Framed preserved butterflies
Catterpillar! But it's not the type that will give you rashes. :) It seems like a rubber when I touched it!
 LOOK! :p
Moth :)

See the one in the middle? It's the "gay" butterfly as they said. You noticed the wings were not proportion to each other? It's the reason why the butterfly were flying in catwalk manner or lay mans term here, "kumekendeng" that's why it's a gay one! hahahah!
This one changes color when flying :)
The staff who tour us around were even asking us to strike a pose. But you know what's my favorite?
INSTANT BUTTERFLY! yeah! Don't forget to have this shot there.

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