Bohol: Man Made Forest

by - August 12, 2013

Sorry guys for not continuing to post the soonest, been very busy in the office the past weeks. But now, I'm back! 
So to continue our Bohol Adventure, let me share you our trip at Man Made Forest.

 Your Bohol visit is not complete without dropping by the serene and relaxing view of the Forest. 
That crisp smell of the tree when you passes by. arghh! Wonderful nature indeed!

Imagine a 2 KM hectare of Mahogany trees planted by the Boy Scouts of the Philippines plus the Local Government and with support of the people living there. Kudos to them! Really a wonderful job! 

 Our guide told us that there's a White Lady at night >.< Though it was said that it's only a drunk man who wears white dress plus black shirt on his head to scare the passers by at night. HAHAHA!

It's actually a road. Though only minimal numbers of cars will pass by, make sure to take extra careful when striking a pose! ;)

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