Bohol: Loboc River | Loboc River Cruise

by - August 23, 2013

Surely, your Bohol Tour is not complete without going to Loboc River and have some buffet at Loboc River Cruise.

They have different floating resto as you enter the place, but according to our tour guide, Riverwatch Floating Restaurant is the most popular one. Even some actors were eating there? :D I'm not sure if it's true, but what I am confident is that, one factor is because they are located on the first most area :P
Their boat is one of the largest, compared to others.
So-So number of foods.
 I've expected there's some BBQ or ihaw ihaw food, but none :( Unlike others! >.<
The biggest crab in the table
Don't expect a superb food. It's like a karinderya style.
But what's important is the view of Loboc River

The whole trip last for 1 hour. But there's also a stop over in the middle of the cruise
You will be welcomed by the locals :)
Happily playing Rondalyas 
No entrance fee but tips would be highly appreciated :)
For 400 pesos+ payment for buffet and entrance, I think it's worth it. 
Nothing to rave with the food, but it's surely a nice experience! :)

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