Bohol: Fail visit of Chocolate Hills

by - August 06, 2013

Actually, not the visit itself, but the photos! Bear with me people, I know, the following picture sucks. 
Why? I had a hard time taking some shots since I was really catching my breath that time! :o
 Going on top of hill will take 214 steps. And it's super steep! 
 Just on the side of the cliff
 HAHAHA! See? Major FAIL! We blocked the hills! 
We wasn't able to take lots of shots since there are a lot of people waiting for their turn. 
Boyfie on the view. Ohh! btw, kindly take note that there are other Chocolate Spots in Bohol, 
but since it's the nearest to our place we opted for that one. 
And yours truly! Make sure you have extra drink when going up the hill. And I advised that our old love ones just stay down the hill and enjoy the view. Anyway, there's a place provided there where you can still enjoy the Chocolate Hills. But for the adventure seekers, get some "balut" and ready your knees! :D

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